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Feed lot cattle  gain fat faster because of the high sugar content of the grains in their diet and the additional use of growth hormones.  Those cattle are mostly slaughtered around 16 months of age.   Grass has sugars too, but it will be a slow, constant gain of more than two years before we see the signs on our steers telling us that they are "finished" and ready for slaughter.


When properly cooked, this extra time on the pasture gives grass-fed, grass-finished beef tremendous flavor along with all its health benefits mentioned in the "Our Beef" section.  However, due to the lower fat content of the meat care must be taken during its preparation or it can become tough. 


Here are some tips which we follow when preparing our beef:

  • Marinate meat overnight in extra virgin olive oil

  • Bring meat to room temperature before cooking

  • Sear the meat 2-3 minutes on the sides and then lower the heat to 250°F until you read an internal temperature of 120-140°F depending on your taste. (NOTE: USDA recommends 145-170°F)

  • Let the meat rest (covered) for 7-10 minutes before slicing in order to redistribute the juices.