Sophie's  Farm

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Goals and plans:
Our goals at Sophie’s Farm are to produce the best grass-finished beef we can for our customers and ourselves and live by the belief that our grazing practices care for the land and animals, help the environment in some small way and put healthy food on our table.​

Why Devons and how we got started:​

In 2009 we “borrowed” two cows to graze on our pasture and by the end of the year had bought them and so began our herd.  Those first two cows were registered Devons and became the foundation of Sophie’s Farm.  We soon learned how easy Devons were to handle and were hooked on the breed.  Great mothers, easy calving, and offspring with high quality grass-finished meat.  We move our cows to new pasture every day, which is called rotational grazing. This land management concept mimics the natural herd movement in the wild.